Dr. Al’s Forever Young Age-Defying Formula


Designed to help slow down the aging process* (90 veg caps, each filled with 650 mg of all-natural powder blend per cap – see below for details and ingredients*) 


Sealed plastic container filled with 90 veg caps (each filled with 650 mg per cap) all-natural powder blend (Rosehips, Pomegranate, Japanese Knotweed, Gynostemma, Berberine, Cacao) with a suggested use of 2 caps, 3 times per day. This blend was designed to help slow down the aging process* Our flagship formula now with Urolithin A (UA). UA is in pomegranate (one of the ingredients of this formula) and helps renew mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells. According to an NIH study “Urolithin-A Ameliorates Oxidative Stress in Neuro-2a Cells, Becoming a Potential Neuroprotective Agent”. In English what all this means it can slow down the aging process*

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