For more than 25 years, I’ve suffered from what was diagnosed as eczema.  A noncontagious, skin inflammation marked by itchy and scaly patches; a skin rash of unknown origin.  Cortisone creams were the choice of treatment to no avail.   Two to three times a year my hands would get so bad I’d wind up in the emergency room for my fix of prednisone which would give m some relief for five to ten days I was on it.   I was told there was no cure, to leave my profession and to go on disability.  Believe me when I tell you I was truly disabled.  I was unable to use a key, cut my food, button, fasten, or write a check.  I had to forgo invitations, miss work and conduct what was left of my life with wearing white cotton gloves.  The itch was like a fire you couldn’t put out.  My hand were swollen to approximately three times their usual size.  I was in constant pain that would reduce me to tears.  They
were hard to look at if anyone could catch a glimpse.  I tried everything.  More cream, vitamins, acupuncture, Reiki, and healers.  If I could get up and shower,
blow dry my hair and get dressed I was thankful to have a “functioning” day and those days were few.  One day a friend of mine, seeing the pain I was in actually picked up the phone and made me an appointment with Dr. Al Costanza who saw me immediately.  Reluctantly, I went.  After having seen more than thirty doctors and having tried what I believed was everything.  I listened carefully to the information provided by Dr. Al and being so desperate, I elected to believe he could help me because I wanted so much to get my life back.   I had already dismissed the idea of being able to golf, bowl or the like.  I merely wanted to be able to do simple everyday tasks with some sort of ease like start my car.  After the initial consult, personal profile, paperwork and tests were done Dr. Al
“determined” what he believed was wrong with my body, the food supplements I needed to add and the substances I needed to eliminate.   I admit that initially I was somewhat overwhelmed with the new found information and approach to “resolve” my condition.  Cautiously optimistic, I left with my information and food supplement program.  I went home and started my new routine three times a day.  Everything else I ate and drank was the norm for me.  I took the supplements as recommended and was merely mindful of my dairy, sugar and gluten-containing grains intake.  Every day I saw more and more healing and improvement.   And by day five (yes day 5), my hands returned to normal.  It has only been six weeks total that I’ve been on my supplements and every day I still wake up expecting my hands to return back to their disabling condition.  Dr. Al gave me  my life back!  There isn’t anything I can’t do with my hands.  The only regret I have is not taking photos of how they looked before.  I’ve searched for photos but I’m wearing gloves in every picture I found.  I’ve given Dr. Al permission to give my phone number to anyone who would like to call me.  I believe he can truly help anyone who utilizes the services he provides.
Paula P.