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Dr. Al offers custom formulas providing the best quality herbal and natural ingredients.

Working from the inside out, these herbal formulas introduce powerful medicinal properties.
They address the underlying cause of the problem, not only the symptoms.
​These formulas also aid in your return to health and balance both nutritionally and energetically.

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Liquid Herbal Extracts

4 oz Liquid Herbal Extract – $69.50

8 oz Liquid Herbal Extract – $139.50

Acne/Skin Tonic – For liver, kidney, and blood cleanser.
Adrenal/Endocrine Tropho-Restorative – For adrenal exhaustion, “burn out”, CFS, FM, MS, with symptoms of subclinical or overt hypothyroidism.
Adrenal Thyroid Support – For hypoadrenia, chronic fatigue with symptoms of secondary hypothyroidism.
Better Brain – For impaired cognitive function, brain trauma, mental fatigue, poor memory, brain fog, and impaired cognitive function.
Calmedown – For symptoms of acute, situational anxiety (i.e. panic attacks and social anxiety).

Cortisol Thin Formula – For VAT, neuro-inflammation, and “Fire on the Brain” (best used with Five Fabulous formula).

Digestive Remove and Rescue II – For immune support, stimulation of digestive enzymes, and symptoms of candidiasis/systemic yeast.
Dopamine Therapy Part 1 – For symptoms of obesity, food grazing, addiction and libido.

Endo-Hair Restore
For symptoms of hair loss associated with estrogen decline and androgen increase.

EMF and Radioprotective Shield – For protection against electromagnetic fields from our devices, all forms of electronics, X-rays, etc.
Fertile Myrtle – Protocol to support conception and boost fertility
FlashLess – For symptoms of menopausal night sweats and hot flashes
Five Fabulous – Anti-inflammatory aromatase inhibitor and mild diuretic for those suffering from pro-inflammatory condition(s).
Fungal Remove and Rescue 8 – Anti-fungal protocol for systemic yeast or fungus.

GI Effects – For eradication of Trichuris, whip worm, pin worm, round worm, and parasites of single-cell organism

Gouti-itis Formula – Protocol to increase uric acid excretion, blood cleanser, diuretic, and digestive aid

Liver Protect – For liver detoxification, improving phase 1/phase 2 physiology, female hormone imbalance, acne, and helps to aid in the prevention of cancer

Men’s KA Mojo Formula – For up-regulation of testosterone; increasing testicular stature, sperm count, and libido in men; for men with symptoms of ED and BPH
Mojo Gone Wild – For symptoms of low libido in women
Need to Go Less – For symptoms of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence

NrF2 Anti-Aging Formula – For activation of the Nrf2 messenger molecule (which has a positive influence on our DNA) – this helps to slow down the aging process and helps to reduce both inflammation and environmental oxidative free radical damage

ORAC Mega Therapy – Super-antioxidant formula, which according to clinical research, has been used for inflammation, neurological and autoimmune disease, heart disease, cancer sufferers, diabetes, etc.

PED Buddy/ SIBO Formula – For use with the Physicians Elemental Diet program or used alone in between meals for symptoms of SIBO

Peri-Menopausal III – For helping menopausal symptoms associated with low estrogen and high testosterone (need for hormonal phytomodulators)
PCOS Formula – For polycystic ovarian syndrome
PMS/Dysmenorrhea – For helping with female hormonal imbalance

Prostate Potion Forte – For enlarged prostate, i.e. BPH, and prevention of modern day disease

Seasonal Protect – For prevention/ easing symptoms of seasonal cold, flu, and bronchitis.
Senior Moments Formula – For improvement of memory, focus, alertness, clarity, brain energy; improvement of vascularity and circulation; and for prevention of degenerative diseases of the brain

Sugar Buster and BS Stabilizer – For controlling carb/sugar cravings, stabilizing blood glucose, helps in the prevention of diabetes/metabolic syndrome and increasing energy while supporting the conversion of the inactive form of glucose (glycogen) to the active glucose 

Sweet Sono – For symptoms of sleep disturbance
Thyroid Adrenal Support – For hypoadrenia, chronic fatigue with symptoms of secondary hypothyroidism
Toenail Rescue Formula II – For chronic symptoms of toenail fungus

Antidote to Aging – For rebuilding the end caps of our chromosomes, called telomeres. Theoretically by elongating telomeres, we are reversing the aging process.

Dr. Al’s Five Favorites – Five of Dr. Al’s favorite herbs! – For prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancer, digestive issues, diabetes, systemic inflammation, yeast/fungal/viral infections, & more!

Digest Buddy – For symptoms of hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid). heart burn, GERD, gas/bloating, sugar cravings, healthy skin and liver function, biliary stasis, constipation, IBS, and loss of interest in eating animal protein.

Three Magic Shrooms – Helps to boost immunity, lowers blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, reduces inflammation, lowers BP, and may help to combat cancer

Viral Protect Formula – Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and immunity-boosting

Powder-based Formulas

(Available in capsules and/or pure powder form)

240 g. Powder Blend Shake Buddies – $139.50

90 capsule containers – $69.50 – $79.50

Abracadabra Fat Burner –  A combination of appetite suppressants, fat metabolizers, and anti-inflammatories to reduce cortisol which causes carbs to be converted to fat and super antioxidants.(Available only in capsules)

Alive Again – For symptoms of chronic fatigue, brain fog, digestive problems, joint and muscle aches.  It is designed to help promote a healthy inflammatory response. (Available in both capsules & powder-form)

Adrenal Optimizer – For somebody who is depleted and wiped out, anxious, adrenally-exhausted or burnt out; increases energy and mental concentration for those who suffer from stress and/or chronic fatigue; has a calming effect especially for those with a “busy mind” who can’t “shut it off”. (Available in both capsules & powder-form)

Anti-Aging Oxygen Therapy – For helping bring oxygen to the cells and preventing chronic disease. (Available in both capsules & powder-form)

Dopamine Therapy Part 2 – For improving mental clarity/focus, positive mood & sleep, lessening symptoms of addictive behavior, and reducing the risk factors associated with Dementia & Alzheimer’s (Available only in capsules)

Don’t Bother Me – For symptoms of frustration, anxiety, hyper-irritability, and busy mind that rarely shuts off (Available only in capsules)

Flash Less and More Mojo – For menopausal symptoms – hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, forgetfulness or short term memory issues, inability to focus, change in mood, poor libido. and heart palpitations (Available only in capsules)

Four Magic Powders – An anti-fungal formula used to help boost immunity, control blood sugar, and helps to promote gut health & weight loss (Available only in capsules)

GI Repair & Restore Complex -For soothing, repairing, & helping to heal leaky gut, assists in the digestion and absorption of macro nutrients, and helps to eliminate inflammation/symptoms of gas, bloating, distention, indigestion, IBS, IBD, Chron’s, Colitis, etc.  (Available in both capsules & powder-form)

KA Chill Pill – For reducing symptoms of chronic stress, anxiety and depression; helps to encourage a healthy stress-response.  (Available only in capsules)

KA Energy – Sleep Formula – For increasing energy levels during the day and attaining a deeper/rejuvenating sleep at night. (Available only in capsules)

KA Forever Young Age-Defying Formula – Our flagship formula now with Urolithin A. UA helps renew mitochondria, the power house of our cells. According to NIH study “Urolithin-A Ameliorates Oxidative Stress in Neuro-2a Cells, Becoming a Potential Neuroprotective Agent”. (Available in both capsules & powder-form)

KA Prostate Formula – For symptoms in males of BPH (i.e. enlarged prostate, frequent urination, weak stream, slow starting and stopping, sleep disturbances, etc.) (Available only in capsules)

Moringa Ultra Antioxidant Blend – Useful for helping to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and high liver enzymes.  Acts as a super antioxidant and helps to detoxify the liver.  Also acts as an anti-inflammatory, aids in wound healing, slows signs of aging, and improves mood. (Available only in capsules)

Microbiome Forte – For restoring the beneficial micro-flora within the gut, skin, and body odor and, thereby, reducing the risk of chronic illness. (Available only in powder-form)

Ocular Optimizer – For improving vision and reducing the risk of ocular oxidative damage and prevention of macular degeneration. (Available in both capsules & powder-form)

SFLG (Sucrose, Fructose, Lactose, Glucose) Buster Designed to help significantly reduce risk factors for the prevention of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers/Dementia.  The herbs in this formula help support three main functions: (1) support the metabolism of fats and sugars (2) support normal pancreatic and liver function (3) help relieve occasional indigestion symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract, such as bloating and flatulence* (only available in capsules)

Stand-up Guy Formula – For symptoms of ED and for general support of male reproductive health including boosting testosterone, increasing libido, improving fertility, reducing blood pressure, supporting prostate health, increasing muscle mass, alleviating fatigue, and much more.  (Available only in capsules)

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