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Independent Integrative Cancer Patient Advocate and Health Coach

You were just diagnosed with cancer. Oh….My…..God! You may feel like someone just punched you in the gut. Is this real or am I having a bad nightmare? Your brain is spinning… The first thing that comes to mind is “Am I going to die?” Take a deep breath and let it out slowly… Chances are you’re going to be ok.

According to Lancet Oncology, statistically in the U.S. both men and women have greater than a 60% chance of survival five years or greater from time of diagnosis. Of course making the best decisions, how you live your life,(i.e., diet, managing and diffusing stress, exercise, etc.), your emotions, your spiritual landscape, family support, finances, choosing and able to communicate with the right professional health team, etc., etc., all matters. Addressing all of these can certainly have a profound effect as far as the outcome and the quality of life. Having never been confronted with anything of this magnitude understandably you’re overwhelmed. Your reaction to all of this is perfectly normal.

Let us help! As a Functional Medicine Consultant at Holistic Health Counseling and Education and president and founder of New England Integrative Medicine Collaborative with 26 years of health education and experience, I can help relieve much of the anxiety and stress you’re going through. We have the resources to assist you through this process in order to attain the best possible outcome. We are your health advocate, health coach, lifestyle educator and more. Call to set up your initial free consultation. 781-246-5041


Alfred A. Costanza, Ph.D. P.S. “Those who take an integrative or blended approach (conventional & holistic) always seem to do better.

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