The body does not lie and it takes patience, determination,  persistence, guidance, self-reflection, and trusting professionals who can truly help in order to get to the root cause. No hookworm will grow in my body again and the “monkey mind” is calmed by parasympathetic activation! I was introduced to Dr. Al by my sister in May 2009.  They  t at the Business Networking International (BNI) group where businessmen and women meet on a weekly basis for networking purposes.  Got to love  networking! My “lil sister” suggested that I schedule a consult with Dr. Al to see if he’d be able to help with my chief complaint of amenorrhea and GI  issues.  So I did just that.  I scheduled a thirty-minute free consultation with Dr. Al to see if he would be a good match for me with regard to nutritional support.  Thirty minutes turned into an hour in a half and I  left his office in amazement.  I said to myself, now this man knows his science and has a wealth of knowledge with regards to the five levels of healing in the human body. I couldn’t wait to get started. There were many things I  wanted to work on with Dr. Al, however my mind (monkey mind he calls it)  controlled me and therefore I was not ready to invest money to get myself the help I needed.  If I only listened to my heart and trusted the universe I wouldn’t have experienced the “horrific” pain that I went through from 2009 to  2010, but I probably wouldn’t be on the same journey as I am on today.  I  truly believe that pain and challenges bring people on amazing journeys that can bring one into enlightenment and discover their true life  purpose.
In May 2009 I had intentions to receive treatment by Dr. Al for amenorrhea and GI complications after the removal of my gallbladder. On July, 25
2008 I had a gallbladder attack and collapsed to the floor where my co-workers and boss had to call 911. I remember laying my head on my boss’s lap while she
was using tuning forks on my extremities to decrease the pain that I was experiencing.  I thought I was having a heart attack.  After 8 hours in the ER with the diagnosis of thousand of gall stones in my gall bladder and 2 stones 3 mm in diameter blocking a 4 mm duct, the journey had just begun.
My gall bladder needed to come out.  The pain I started to encounter after my gall bladder surgery got worse and worse each month.  I saw my PCP 7
times in one month, GI specialists where I underwent colonoscopies, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI’s and low and behold I was given the diagnosis of severe IBS with GERD. Sound familiar? Oh yes every American is diagnosed with this disease. I wasn’t buying it, nope not me!  I’m a very healthy young female who works
out and eats well, how could I have GI issues?
On May 6, 2010 I finally booked an appointment with Dr. Al where I had my first BIA for a nutritional plan to be implemented. I thought it was going to be a quick fix, but as I mentioned before patience was the key factor in my situation. Supplement after supplement, appointment after appointment,  phone call after phone call, tear after tear to Dr. Al he suggested I get a DNA stool analysis test from Metametrix.  While on the recommended supplements, I had a immense amount of energy, but pain still ran my life. This is why a DNA stool analysis was recommended to see if there were any other factors contributing to my pain.  Four weeks later the DNA stool report came back to his office. A parasite revealed itself. This wasn’t any parasite it was a “hookworm” that I must have contracted either in 2001 or 2010 when my family and I took a cruise to the Caribbean.  If it wasn’t for Dr. Al treating me for “leaky gut” (as at that time we did not know I had a parasite) I wouldn’t have been able to get myself out of bed. I was on supplements to help with adrenal fatigue, inflammation in the gut, and overall stress. Even though I lived with intense stomach pain (burning, stabbing, bloating, and cramping in my stomach) day in and day out, the supplements and my diet regime kept me full of energy.  I was hopeful that Dr. Al would direct me to the right source along with keeping my body healthy while it with through trauma.
Dr. Al is not only an educated man in the sciences, he is a man of integrity, compassion, patience and he leads by example. He found his life passion and he has opened a door of opportunity for me to find mine. I just need to walk through it. Surrendering is the key to receive what life has for us.  Dr. Al suggested I be involved in modalities and practices that would balance my life out. He suggested some form of energy medicine. I asked the universe to present it to me and in a week’s time I was approached by a professional who practices energy medicine.  I received more healing with this energy practitioner and an opportunity to study yoga presented itself.  My journey has just begun!  One piece of a puzzle attaches to another and another…… Even though I continue to have GI issues, pain no longer runs me.  Dr. Al has been such a great mentor and I look forward to many more years under his care for health and well-being.  One thing he has instilled in me is that life balance and having a calm mind is the key to the fountain of youth. I leave you this quote, “We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”
Thank you Dr. Al from the bottom of my heart.
Mandy Lubas, Beverly, MA