In  1997 I became very sick.  Going through many tests and seeing a neurologist they finally diagnosed me with transverse myelitis. It is a sister to MS, but  with no remission regarding the numbness. I could not feel my body from the waist down and walking was difficult and driving was halted for a while.
At my lowest point of hope — my own neurologist said to me  “ this is as good as it gets ”!!!  I was shocked that he would say that and angry – never  say
such things to someone on steroids! To give no hope or encouragement is a terrible thing.  So one night reading a local news paper there was an article about Dr Al Costanza who was a natural healer.  I called to see him. That was the beginning of my healing and a beautiful friendship.When I met with him I was toting a medium Dunkin Donuts coffee. We spoke about my condition and he later said to me, do you realize  caffeine  is not a good thing for someone with auto immune disease? I then and still do not have caffeine  –  accept for occasional chocolate.  More than that, he became a wonderful mentor to me as well as my healer. Within time, all the right supplements and correct foods my legs started to feel again. I could drive as my feet started to wake up.
Everything happens in Divine timing. I had to be patient for all of this to happen.  There is no such thing as a quick fix.
I saw my neurologist and he was amazed as to how I was doing. He asked me what I was doing to make such an amazing change and I told him about Dr Costanza. Being that it was all natural he raised his eyebrows. But said “keep doing what you’re  doing”
So one more thing to tout. I did not want to go back to the job I had because there was so much stress –  (attorneys and doctors) so Dr Costanza suggested many avenues of my hopeful new career. He sponsored me and took me to the Polarity Realization Institute where I changed my career and continued my healing with a healing environment.  I have been in my own healing practice for 11 yrs now and refer my clients to Dr Costanza who as well are more than pleased with his fine work and compassion.  I thank God that I met Dr Costanza,  for he has made all the difference in my life, healing,  guidance and now a friend first and co-worker.
Always with gratitude,
Deborah Capuano
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