In January 2009 I realized that something was wrong with my health. I was very tired and broke out in hives daily.  I began by seeing an internist and was given a hydrocortisone shot. He referred me to see an allergist. As the weeks went on things continued to get worse. I was put on many different medications by many different allergists and dermatologists. At this point, I am completely covered in hives. My body is swollen especially my hands, feet and face and I am experiencing joint pain.  There where entire days that I could not bend  my knees or make a fist.  Simple activities such as walking up a flight of stairs became very difficult.  The many different doctors that were involved in treating me had performed every type of blood work imaginable.  I was being tested almost weekly and had two biopsies of the hives.  Every time I was told that my blood work was perfect and that there was nothing wrong.  The best explanation that they had for me was that I had chronic hives and that they would go away just as quickly as they came.  At this point I am on very high doses of many different medications including prednisone.  Nothing appears to be working my condition is getting worse.  By mid-July I was fifty pounds heavier than I ever was and simply felt and looked awful.  I was up all night scratching, itching, swelling, with incredible joint pain and chest pains do to anxiety.  There were many sleepless nights.  I then began seeing an endocrinologist who found that I had a vitamin deficiency and began to treat me.   Thankfully my parents referred me to see Dr Al Costanza.  I first met with him in early September 2009.  He ran his biochemical analysis and said that I had many things wrong and that my body was not properly working.  Dr Al completely changed my diet and I began a series of natural vitamins and supplements.  Within one month I was completely off of all prescription medications and needed only relied on one Benadryl to help get through the night.  I was very happy because only one month prior I was taking about thirty prescription pills per day.  By the beginning of October I had already lost twenty pounds and was beginning to feel better.  As time went on I continued with the vitamins, supplements and diet that Dr Al prescribed.  The swelling and hives were occurring less often.  By the beginning of November I did not rely the Benadryl  to help get through the night.  I was finally drug free.  By Christmas I was essentially hive free and had no swelling at all.  The pain was gone and I was getting back to my normal daily life.  Now it is January 2010, one year since this all began.  I have lost about fifty pounds and feel like a new person.  I cannot express how grateful I am to Dr Al for getting me healthy again.  I will continue on with Dr Al’s program and strongly recommend it.
Karen P.