When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I asked my nutrient company reps who they would suggest to help me with nutrition for this complex situation. They referred me to Dr. Costanza.  Dr. Costanza has gone over and above all my expectations. He has helped me through a year of serious health issues. With his help I was able to stay healthy and even gain muscle strength through 2 breast surgeries. With his help I was able to continue to work my 10 to 12 hour days running my practice and seeing my patients even through months of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I weathered the entire year of treatments with energy that surprised all my doctors. A good part of my “secret” was following the nutritional regimen laid out for my by Dr. Costanza. I gladly refer my complex patients to him when I feel they need serious nutritional help from someone who knows his stuff. Thank you Dr. Costanza for your good care and support. 

Ellen Blomerth, DC, Certified Neuropathy Pain Specialist.