I would like to give a testimonial for Dr. Al Costanza. My aunt Mary, who is 85 years young, lives in Florida and has been sick for six months. She has lost 35 lbs. and could not drink or eat without vomiting or having diarrhea.  Mary has seen many doctors and had many tests. The last being with a  gastroenterologist. The only thing they said it was was IBS and needless to say they couldn’t help her.  She came to Massachusetts sadly for a funeral that I attended as well. I was quite surprised to see how badly she looked. Mary was extremely weak and definitely dehydrated, I suggested she see Dr. Al Costanza.  She did, and after six months of no answers or help, Dr. Al had prescribed a DNA stool analysis lab test. Less than two weeks later she had her answer. Now on her way to good health, less stress about what was going on. She believed she had cancer.  Dr. Al sent her one of his custom formulas and she is now able to eat and go to the bathroom normally.  Her gastroenterologist was sent the report by Dr. Al. When my aunt saw him, he asked her why she saw someone in Massachusetts. She told him her niece suggested it and thank God!  She told him it took Dr. Al less than 2 weeks to find the answer that in six months he found nothing to remedy her ailments. She now touts Dr. Al for helping her heal.  

She calls him all the time now –he’s got a new friend for sure.
Thank you Dr. Al for your dedication and caring the way you do for all your patients.  From a patient whose life you made a difference in as well.
With Appreciation Always,
Deborah Capuano-Winsor