Dr. Al has been my personal functional medicine specialist and I can testify to his great training and health acumen.  He’s the real thing, both personally and professionally.  I am a 55 year old woman in good health.  My goals are to maintain optimal health and enduring healthy life through 125.  Dr. Al has given me an analysis of my healthy profile and recommends supplements to keep me in shape.  I feel as if I found a real gem in Dr. Al and I feel confident he will help me attain my life and health goals.  He’s a virtual ‘wealth’ of information on health.  And, he’s very generous in answering questions and recommending solutions to our personal health questions.  He has convenient access to the supplements necessary to augment our sorry diets, so you can get what you need now.  Blessings of health and life.  We all deserve it.
Marsha  J.O.