About Dr. Al Costanza

​Alfred A. Costanza, Ph.D., CTN, C.P.T., CN Resume – CV



  • Holistic Health Counseling and Education – Functional Medicine consulting clinic founded in Wakefield, MA. Est. in 1992 to present. See www.DrAlCostanza.com
  • Founder and President of New England Integrative Medicine Collaborative – An educational organization for the promotion and recognition of alternative and complimentary healthcare clinicians. Founded in 2003 to present
  • FirstLine Therapy Certified Healthcare Provider Patented therapeutic life-style program utilizing Therapeutic Life-style Changes (TLC) principles, a program developed at the National Institute of Health. Received first certification in 2005
  • Boston North Nutrition Round Table, an educational program for doctors. Created Keynote presentation; Doing It Right: How to properly interpret symptomatology through individualized evaluations for better patient outcome. Summer of 2008
  • Approved to testify as a “Medical Expert Witness” in the federal district courts for Massachusetts. 2013
  • Presented original powerpoint presentation at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston on Epigenetics: Creating Your Own Genetic Destiny. 2015
  • Presented original powerpoint presentation at North Andover Primary Care and Pain Management clinic North Andover, MA on G.I. Health and Our Microbiome for practitioners. 2016
  • Powerpoint and Keynote presentations for New England hospitals, colleges, public and private schools and institutions. Since 1996
  • Medical Herbalist – Creator of a unique brand of over 130 custom herbal formula from 1998 to present. These formulas helps patients reduce or eliminate the need for medication with the consent of their physician.


  • Certificates of Completion ( 492 CEU/CME’s ) from 1998 to present.
  • East/West Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine, Cambridge, MA Graduate studies in traditional Ayurveda with Dr. Vassant Lad
  • Polarity Realization Institute, Certified Polarity Therapist
  • American Health Science University – CN certification and licensing (000293) in Clinical Nutrition
  • The American Holistic College of Nutrition​, M.S./Ph.D. in Nutrition and Holistic Interdisciplinary Studies
  • University of Massachusetts at Lowell, B.A. degree with dual majors in Psychology and Music

Professional Affiliations and Certifications:

  • Meridian Autonomic Testing a form of Applied Kinesiology 2014 to present.
  • Business Network International, Mentor Coordinator, Wakefield Chapter, 2004 to present
  • New England Integrative Medicine Collaborative, 2003 to present Founder and President
  • Wakefield, Massachusetts Board of Health, Licensed from 1997 to 2006 for Polarity Therapy
  • Board certified with The American Naturopathic Medical Asocciation, www.ANCB.net , 1997 to present
  • The Society of Certified Nutritionist since 1996
  • Hospital employee at Northeast Health Systems, Inc. , Addison Gilbert, Beverly Hospital, Hunt Center Danvers – Dept. of Integrative Medicine, under the auspices of medical director Stephanie Stevens, M.D. , 1998-2000, Women’s Health and Holistic Health Services, director Candace Waldron 1999 to 2001
  • Functional Medicine educator, consultant and clinician from 1992 to present in private practice.

Personal interests and hobbies:

  • Have performed in a classic rock band called The Intricate Society from 1968 to present.
  • Have studied, performed, taught Classical Guitar since 1971 to present.
  • In my former years I was an avid sailor and downhill skier.
  • My passion is to help others attain optimal health without the use of medication.

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