Good Morning!!
I have not connected with you in a few weeks, and thought I would drop you a note to say hi…. I am deeply indebted to you for the samples you sent… I am feeling so much better… when I started both formulas I was extremely fatigued, and depressed, consuming too much sugar, and not being able to stop… Not only do I feel 100% better, but when I took the steps to start the formulas, I also changed my diet radically… it gave me a great start. I have lost six pounds, and I am unbelievably energetic… I want to thank you my friend… As far as the mojo…. woohoo!!! I do not have a relationship, and that’s the shame of it!!! LOL!!! You are awesome!!! I hop out of bed in the morning, and I am feeling so healthy!!! No wonder patients are breaking down your door to have your expertise… I hope all is well in your world!!! Have a wonderful day!!! Susan, NY